About Us

Davao Brain and Spine Center (formerlyDavao Spine and Scoliosis Center) is composed of General Surgeons and Neurosurgeons who share a common goal of providing the best quality of care in the management of spinal conditions.

Our core strength is that all cases are presented and discussed in a group conference prior to any surgical intervention. What distinguishes us from other centres nationwide is that we combine the expertise of Orthopedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

We practice the use of evidence-based medicine in coming up with a surgical decision. This team approach is extended up to the operating room.

Finally, we maximize the use of technology like computer aided navigation surgery and spinal cord monitoring to improve surgical efficiency, good outcomes and patient safety.


A premier spine center in the Philippines.


To restore the health and function of patients with adult and pediatric surgical spine conditions.
To provide proactive measures to prevent spine diseases.
To develop a comprehensive training program in spine care.
To contribute to the global spine community through innovations and scientific research.