MAY 2019 – The Davao Scpine and Scoliosis Center surgeons visited the modern city of Busan, South Korea, from May 19 – 26, 2019 to participate in a week long exposure and training on the emerging minimally invasive spine procedure called BESS which is short for Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

This training was conducted by no other than Dr. Dae Jung (DJ) Choi, the developer of BESS, in the Himnaera Hospital of Busan where they do around 10 or more procedures weekly. Together with ENAMISS, the company involved in designing and developing Dr. DJ’s BESS instruments, the DSSC team enjoyed intensive learning at the operating rooms and at the same time enjoying rest and recreation at Busan’s many historic parks and places, modern bars and restaurants, old ancient temples and beaches.

Part of the excursion was a smorgasbord of Korean Grill, Soju and healthy vegetables engulfed by immeasurable hospitality and camaraderie. The team was indeed filled up to the brim on both knowledge and enjoyment. All thanks to Dr. Dae Jung Choi and his cohorts.

The procedure called BESS is currently being adapted in the Davao Spine and Scoliosis Center and the procedure is available for low back pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis and disc herniations.

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